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In a news release last week, Lundrigan said her office had finished examining 3,000 miscellaneous ballots, which needed to be opened and flattened before they are counted. Instead of counting those ballots, Lundrigan said she would hold them until staff members are done with processing 13,000 provisional ballots, or maybe until next week. We dont just count a couple of (different view publisher site types of this hyperlink ballots), Lundrigan said. We put them though at one time. I thought the public expectation was to be accurate. DeMartini, who has a long history of watching election counts, said there is an unusually large number of provisionals. Those ballots are given to people whose names are not on voter rosters at polling places. After Election Day, officials must no data ensure that people given a provisional ballot were registered or did not vote twice. County residents also waited for weeks after the June primary for final tallies, with the delays blamed on newer voting laws that create extra work for election officials. Long delays in getting election results could be the new normal unless the process is changed or more resources are devoted. The only solution to speeding this up is putting a few more people on it, DeMartini said. I would be fine with that. In news releases this month, Lundrigan has told of other work her office has done.

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