We Don’t Have A Strategy Around Driving Customers To Return In Store, But We Know That Having The Convenience Of Being Able To Return At Their Local Nordstrom Or Nordstrom Rack Store Is Valuable To Them, Said Tara Darrow, A Spokesperson For Nordstrom.

Bunion, Hammer Toe, Corns and Calluses Bunion: A deformity, in which the big toe bends towards the second toe, so that the outer edge of the big toe joint protrudes in the opposite direction, forming a bumpy projection. Know about the common causes of this ailment in the following guzzle article. Inclusion of nutritious, mineral rich food in our daily diets, maintaining proper postures, wearing comfortable footwear that gives good support to the feet, drinking lots of fluids, etc. are some of the few easy ways we can avoid these nasty, painful bouts. Common Causes of Top of Foot Pain Stress Fractures: Stress fractures, even hairline fractures can lead to pain on the top of your foot. Moreover, this also relieves itching and peeling caused due to athlete’s foot. Nerve Problem: Neuroma is a condition wherein there is a tissue growth in the surroundings of a nerve in the foot, particularly in the area that lies in between the third and fourth toes. Not only of the foot, mind you, but the whole body through. There are several possible reasons that can lead to pain in the metatarsals.

Image: Shoppers walk through the Rideau Centre Now it’s time for us to schlep all those unwanted presents back to the store. According to the National Retail Federation, 10 percent of holiday gifts were returned in 2015, with one in three people returning an item. This year, some retailers are implementing programs to help simplify the process of returns and, optimally, to help score some more sales. “Making it easier for consumers to return could be an attempt to create a more pleasant experience for the consumer and to retain them, rather than lose them,” said Trae Bodge, smart shopping expert at Gift Card Granny. Drop & Go And Shop At the Nordstrom Rack location in Union Square, NYC, Nordstrom is currently testing its “Drop & Go” service, which allows consumers to skip the lines to the cashier and get straight to the business of making a return. “We don’t have a strategy around driving customers to return in store, but we know that having the convenience of being able to return at their local Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack store is valuable to them,” said Tara Darrow, a spokesperson for Nordstrom. “While we hope this provides more time to shop, our primary focus was to improve speed and convenience.” The drop and go program will be rolling out more broadly in 2017, Darrow added. Bridging the Physical and Digital World Waiting in line to make a return in-store may be tedious, but even more annoying can be returning or exchanging gifts that were purchased from e-commerce sites. Not only might you have to make a trip to the post office or to UPS to initiate the returns process, you’ll have to wait days and days to have your wallet or store credit reimbursed. Happy Returns, a Santa Monica-based startup, is dedicated to “tackling the challenge of returning items that are purchased online,” as David Sobie, co-founder and CEO, puts it. Related: Many Stores Have Tightened Their Returns Rules The company, which is partnered with Tradesy and a few other e-commerce sites that browse around this site do not have a brick-and-mortar presence, has several locations, or “return bars,” including in Westfield Topanga, Westfield San Francisco Centre, the Fashion Outlets of Chicago, and a few other dense retail areas.my link

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