Glaucoma Is A Vision Problem Caused Due To The Damage To Optic Nerves.

Glaucoma patients with blurry vision should be given emergency medical attention as the pressure of the eye has to be reduced to inhibit any major damage. It may also vary according to the part of the nerve which is damaged, and how much it is damaged. no dataPrevention is better than cure, and much easier too!! The symptoms of closed angle glaucoma include: Feeling of giddiness, nausea and vomiting Symptoms of congenital and closed angle glaucoma are the same. Glaucoma is a vision problem caused due to the damage to optic nerves. If ignored and left untreated, this optical disorder may lead to glaucoma. Pain behind eye has been linked to eye problems like glaucoma, dry eyes, and optic neuritis. Other symptoms of this condition are presence of floaters or moving tiny particles in front of the eyes and sudden flashes of light. Moreover, the margins appear red with the base of the eyelashes attached with dandruff-like scales. Therefore, proper eye care is essential to prevent eye infections and eye disorders.

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